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First Name: Jam

Species: Monkey/Bunny/Guilmon

Personality/Character traits: Silly, goofy, perverted, smelly, and jovial

Middle Name: ???

Last Name: ???

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: A dark shade of brown

Fur color: Brown (Leading more towards a chestnut... I think, I don't know all of the different types of brown color)

Height: 5 feet, 11 inches (Not including tail length)

Favorite food: Bananas, peanuts, bugs, or pepperoni and mustard sandwiches.

Favorite person/animal/thing to swap bodies with/turn into: Pheagle, Palette The Painter, Guilmon, Lola Bunny, the horse chick from the Orangina commercials, and Reuben from Lilo and Stitch.

Least favorite person/animal/thing to swap bodies with/turn into: Taxes.

Least favorite food: Black olives

Enjoys: Playing videogames, doing mad-science experiments, teasing and goofing off with Pheagle, and swapping heads with hot babes.

Dislikes: Logic, reality, reason, and whenever his teleporters are down for repair.

Character Bio:
Jam was originally James, who after a run-in with Lara The Lab Rat (Ness' character from FurAffinity) was transformed into an anthropomorphic simian. Eventually, James tried to cure himself and become fully human again, ridding himself of his simian counterpart. However, this caused a lab explosion which separated James into two beings: Jam the monkey-scientist and James the human.

The two found themselves in a new reality, where they had both been born separately and exist as two separate individuals. Jam was now part of a family of anthropomorphic monkeys and apes, while James' family and life remained mostly unchanged. Jam would go on to do continual head-swap and body-swap experiments, enjoying most of the transformation nonsense he got into. James was still annoyed and angered by the various transformations he was put through, mostly caused by Jam's silliness or some strange outside force.

Background info:
Before I came up with the idea for Jam, I had a dream that would sorta become the backbone for the character. In said dream, I was some sort of astronaut who was leaping from ship to ship with an alien. Said alien was an anthropomorphic green alien monkey. At one point in the dream, the monkey started speaking English. I acted surprised about this, but the alien monkey said I already should've figured that out.

Jam was originally conceived back in 2014. I had met LaraTheLabRat and we became friends. He offered to draw me a fursona and immediately my mind drifted to the idea of monkey, as well as the sarcastic alien monkey who appeared in my dreams. Jam's name was shortened version of my name: James. It was simple and easy to remember, and was indicative of the kind of jams the character would get into. Lara drew Jam and the rest was history!

Originally when I wrote Jam, the character was indiscernible from James. That's why I started writing Jam as a more chaotic individual who often enjoys the transformations he undergoes. Once the two versions started being their own things, I separated them into two individuals. This way, I could write them both into the same story if I really wanted to. This worked well, as I felt both characters represented two different parts of me. James is the self-insert avatar version of myself, while Jam represents my surpassed side. He's the opposite of real life/avatar me, being more chaotic and slightly perverted.

Jam's primary species is monkey, while his secondary forms are Guilmon and Lola Bunny. These are Jam's three main forms, the ones I like the most. Jam has a variety of other forms, though those are mostly "shenanigans of the week" type transformations. Jam changes forms and bodies a lot, it eventually lead to the running joke of him being "body fluid". I eventually came up with the concept of Jam having multiple extra clone bodies, in case somebody wanted to keep his body permanently.

Certain concepts revolving around Jam were given to me by other people. For example, the idea of Jam having a laboratory in a tree was given to me by KaoruGreendrake on FurAffinity. He made a joke about Jam living in a tree-lab and I liked it so much I made it canon! I found the idea of Jam having his laboratory in a tree to be kind of creative, so I decided to use it. Jam's pink rodent-like nose is also another by-product of someone else's ideas.

Originally, Jam had nostril holes for a nose, like most simians and apes. Artists who drew Jam started giving him a pink nose, and I thought it was a fairly unique thing for a simian to have so I kept it. When it comes to Jam's moral alignment, that is also something that was inspire by someone else. Gonechoo would always show an anime called Kaiketsu Zorori, which would feature a trickster fox. Zorori was sometimes good and sometimes evil, depending on each episode's scenario.

I kind of based Jam's moral alignment off of that anime. Jam is good when the situation calls for it, and bad when the situation calls for it. In truth, Jam is neither good nor evil, just chaotic. Jam often transforms and body-swaps people whenever he wishes, though he never harms or mutilates anyone. He mostly just changes the shape of people for fun, he's like a court jester mixed with a scientist. The reason Jam can be considered evil at all is his semi-insane demeanor and his constant desire to transform people.

The reason I often feature Pheagle in so many stories with Jam is that the two are similar yet different. They are both silly individuals who get transformed a lot and deal with a fair bit of shenanigans. However, one is a bird and the other is a monkey. One is more of a hero, while the other is equitable to a villain. These similarities and differences is what makes me put these two in so many stories, because I like to write them working off of each other.

In Short: In essence, Jam is probably one of the best characters I have ever come up with. Jam would barely exist if it wasn't for the artists who drew him and helped him a face, and for that I am eternally grateful. My writing and the art of all these amazing artists helps make Jam into one of my favorite characters. He's fun to write for and I'm glad so many people from so many different places around the world enjoy the character as much as I do. Thank you, everyone, for your continued support. 900 watchers is no small feat and I'm glad to bring you more stories featuring Jam, or whatever crazy characters I decide to shove in there.
Jam is a character I've had for nearly three years now, and I think it's about time I do an in-depth bio on him. After all, there's a lot of stories to sift through in order to learn every single thing about him. Honestly, Jam is a character I love to write for and several artists helped bring the image of him in my head to life. So, in honor of hitting 900 watchers, here is a little bio on Jam! Thank you all for your continued support! The reason why I continue to write stories, especially those that involve Jam is because of everyone reading and enjoying my content. While this isn't a TF story, I thought up this short silly bio. I also put a lot of background info into this.

With special mentions to


and viewers like you!

(Preview by Insomnicon from FurAffinity)
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